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Kuja/Zidane - people who eat pickles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Final Fantasy IX slash fanwork

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Kuja/Zidane [Jun. 21st, 2009|07:54 pm]
Final Fantasy IX slash fanwork
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Dear FFIX-Slash.

There is a sad lack of it. I must rectify this situation.
But first, something... fluffy.
(Actual first timer artdump post... sometime in the near future.)

Title: The Toy
Pairing(?): Zidane, Kuja
Genre: Fluff / Introspective
Rating: G
Timeline: Post-Iifa tree, pre-ending.
Summary: While recovering in the Desert Palace, Zidane muses on a question he got asked far too often, and how Kuja helped him find the answer (at the cost of some dignity).
Comments: ...Just.. something drabbly. xD And not entirely sensical. I love to explore just what genomes are. (And I actually don't think of them as either cats OR monkeys, but that's for another day.) Possibly part one of a two-part... vignette? Ah'unno.


Zidane remembers once, Eiko cornering him one night during their travels... On the Blue Narciss, specifically. The little Summoner had come up to him on the highest deck, hands on her hips and head held high, trying to look imperious in a nightgown embroidered with flowers.

"Zidane!" she'd called, hands behind her back and swinging back and forth, trying to look cute. "I have a question."

Looking back, that switch in moods was suspicious. But Kuja called him a sweet, lovable moron for a reason, after all... But more on that later. Zidane had just turned from watching the deckhands make their rounds and grinned at the girl, beckoning her over.

"Sure thing, Ei. What's up? Can't sleep?" She'd shaken her head vehemently, then pattered over to him and looked down through the railings at the crew.

"Well..." He rememembered the particularly thoughtful look on her face as she practically glared down at the crew, horn almost brushing the railing. He really should have seen it coming. It wasn't the first time someone had asked him--

"Zidane, are you a monkey or a cat?"



Zidane chuckles still as he remembers, his own surprised response and Eikos hasty excuse about having seen all the animal folk in Lindblum for the very first time.

"Mmn?" He hears Kuja intone softly, and even though his brother is out of sight, he can just picture the way he only opens one eye, just a crack, sprawled like an enormous housecat on an equally large pillow. Zidane had long since stopped questioning the strange rooms in the Desert Palace. This one, full of large pillows and even larger, squashy plush dolls, was quite possibly the most normal of them. (The one he'd found in the basement, that one time... Just the thought of it made Zidane go red.)

Zidane just shrugs and twitches the small bamboo rod in his hands-- He can hear Kuja shift behind him as a result. "Nothing, just thinking."

"About your friends?"

He shakes the rod again, and now he can hear Kuja's tail tump-tump-tumping on the floor. A string is attached to the tip of the rod, pale blue yarn, and trails out of his sight. Behind him somewhere, he can hear the soft tink of a bell muffled in fur.

"Yeah. Eiko--"


"The little summoner?"

tump   tump   tump  tump tumptumptump

"Mmhm. She asked me something interesting one night." Zidane is glad Kuja can't see his face from where he is, because he's got this crafty little grin he can't quite hide. Grinning because he can hear Kuja shifting, and can just picture the way he's moving-- Fluid and utterly balanced. Moving like a predator.

"Reeeeeally." Kuja drawls, and Zidane flicks the rod again. Something appears in his peripheral vision, fluffy and pale blue like the yarn. The floor creaks softly, and Zidane knows Kuja isn't on the pillow anymore.

"Yep. You know what she asked?"

"No, but I'm certain you're going to--"

Zidane snaps the rod to the left, and the fluffy toy at the end sails to the other end of his vision. Things become a blur of silvery hair and feathers, and he hears the thud of a body hitting the floor.

Kuja glares at him indignantly where he lays, flat out on his stomach from leaping after the pet toy. He's got it in his mouth now, and the older genome whips it at Zidanes face in disgust. Zidane just rolls over, laughing as his brother retreats to another cushion and the entire thing starts all over again.

Eiko wasn't the first to ask him what he was. And he hadn't known it at the time, but she would be the last person he'd be unable to answer.

tink... tink...

tump... tump... tump tump tumptumptump



 I actually have a part II in mind I could do... >> Yea, Nae? How's that for a first post...


[User Picture]From: thief_nirina
2009-10-07 06:59 pm (UTC)
*squees* Oh my gosh! So cute!! I can SOOOO picture the two of them doing this! Darn it, now I'm going to be all fan-girly for the rest of the day...oh well! Very cute story!
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-11-29 03:34 pm (UTC)
I think more is in order! <3 This was adorable! Angelcest ftw~
On another note, I always considered them monkies because Zidane wraps his tail around something in the original game to hold himself up out of Steiner's reach.
Of course, it doesn't matter, this was still cute and made me giggle. ;D <3
(Reply) (Thread)
From: legacyofterra
2009-12-03 09:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes, he wraps his tail around a rafter on the Cargo Ship... <3 I loved that scene.
Yet somehow, them being monkeys never quite sat right with me... (*coughkujasfeatherscough*) But, wow, someone wants me to write more! x3 I was thinking of adding onto this the other day, too, so now I have simply no choice~! Hurray~!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-12-16 09:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, that's right, thank you for reminding me. XD
And hey, not saying you're wrong or anything, just giving my reasonings~ (andweallknowKujaisjustawesomelikethat*)
And yay!! <3
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