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Final Fantasy IX slash fanwork
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Zidane loves you! :O

y halo thar ffix bumsex?


The FFIX fandom has kinda died recently. Just because it's not getting Advent Children-quality sequels and random cellphone spinoff games doesn't mean it's unworthy of love! Indulge in nostalgia and join us!

Zidane's totally hotter than Cloud, anyway. ;o



1. Don't be an asshole. I think this covers a lot, really. If you're stupid and annoying as all fuck, we WILL ban you. :D You will also be banned if you can't comprehend that IX = 9. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that, though. This is supposed to be fun. 8O
2. Put your shit behind an lj-cut. Screwing up people's friendslists = no.

3. Use this format above the LJ-cut plzkthx:

4. Almost all fics will be accepted. Male x male, female x female, Quina x anyone = S'ALL GOOD YOUS GUYS. Het = no (see name of community). Pedophilia = major no. At least make Vivi older before you do terrible things to him. :< Also you'll probably piss everyone off if you make Kuja prance around putting eyeshadow on Steiner, so watch it with the characterization. Actually funny humor fics are exempt from this detail.
5. Fanart's good, too! Be extra specific about explicit art, though, in case of potential squick.
6. If you're technically a minor and you want to read porn, it's okay. We all do/did it. The presence of this sentence, however, Officially Sheds All Of Our Responsibility For Your Actions. If your mommy and daddy don't like you reading about Zidane getting buttfucked, then please -- for the love of Terra -- don't let them find out. ;[

Aaaand that's it!


teh modz!!1

devilishkurumi, elendraug, and xelias. <3 We're not too insane, we promise.


other stuff

Final Fantasy IX and everything about it is © Square-Enix. No suing plzkthx. :D We're just sharing the gamer love. All artwork and fanfiction is © the artist/author. Steal anything and die. m0f0.

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